About Rockit

Rockit sells bold and beautiful kids clothes (yes, even for boys) from individual designers.

Our style is a slice of Brighton with a sprinkle of Stockholm.


You can purchase some of our favourite designers online, or visit us at our Northampton-based boutique for our instore exclusive brands.

About Holly

In 2000, an 18 year old me left Northampton and headed off for Brighton Uni with the sole intention of:

  1. Drinking

  2. Dancing

  3. Shopping

  4. Scraping a pass in my BA


Post student loan, skint, I returned back to Northampton and faced reality. The following 16 years however saw many more life-shaping events. I…

  • Had 10 (consecutive, mostly fixed term) jobs within the public and voluntary sector

  • Met and married my wonderful husband

  • Had some great holidays in Stockholm visiting my friend who emigrated

  • Undertook several house moves, finally into a fantastic area with the loveliest neighbours

  • Completed my masters and project management qualification whilst pregnant with baby #1 (a boy)

  • Nearly died when my appendix burst in Crete whilst pregnant with baby #2 (a girl)

  • Suffered the torture that is gestational diabetes

  • I met some amazing mum friends that got me through (and continue to get me through) the highs and lows of parenthood

  • Juggled work and parenthood successfully and unsuccessfully at times

  • Got fed up of yet another contract ending and the continual cycle of having to apply for jobs every year or so.

Holly x

All this taught me that…

  1. Being a parent is tough

  2. Being a working parent is tough

  3. I love Sweden, the Swedish and Swedish design

  4. Northampton needs a slice of Brighton with a sprinkle of Stockholm

  5. Although they have their place, large retailers generally have a really uninspiring range for boys

  6. I’ve had it with fixed term project work

  7. I can make things happen (quote from my son: “Mummy, I love you because you get things done”)

  8. Now was the time to follow that pipe dream of setting up a kids boutique


And this is how Rockit was born.


It sounds corny, but Rockit is more than a kids clothes shop; it’s an expression of who I am and where I’ve come from. It synthesises my experiences and influences into one (in my opinion amazing) brand.


I do hope you love Rockit as much as I do. I welcome comments and feedback if there’s anything you’d be interested in seeing on the website or instore.


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